About Us

Mesmerro is a growing apparel company in the retail Industry. Mesmerro is a loungewear brand that debuted in Ahmedabad in 2022, the year we most needed it. We provide beautifully designed pyjama sets, sleepwear with an Indian influence, and lounge sets to add sophistication and style to your bedrooms, naps, and downtime.

Mesmerro firmly believes in the thoughtful creation and use of our clothing. Our aim is to offer clothing that is crafted with unique shapes, softer fabric, and intricate prints that make them feel cosy, carefree, and luxurious.Every year, at the start of our favourite season—spring/summer—we release annual collections. We continue to add to the current collection as the seasons and holidays pass, keeping all styles accessible all year long, so that at the year's end there will be plenty of love and options.

Our goal is to improve the quality of your life and sleep.

Our Vision: We aspire to be a prominent player in the sleepwear & active-wear apparel market, the first choice of every woman who wants to feel comfortable and at ease while demanding attention with whatever she chooses to wear.

Our Mission: Our aim is to strengthen our brand in order to stay ahead of fashion trends, latest and sustainable technology & enhance the life of our business partners, consumers, and employees

Our brand is defined by comfort and a dash of surprise. Consider soft, flowing textiles that hug you both in and out of bed as being elegant and modern with a hint of unconventionality.

Our core values are our solace, elegance, and consciousness.

Array of products

Women’s Lounge-wear:  Sleepwear t-shirt sets , Classic pajama sets , individual pyjamas , Shorts , Short sets, Short nighties , as well as Kaftan's & T-shirts. 

Women’s Active wear:  Dry t Gym-tees , Dry t Yoga pants & Cotton elastane Yoga-pants.  


Sunflower creation, a foundation led by Anurag Choudhary & Neha Agrawal came together & bought an evolution in the retail fashion industry. With a strong background in the relative Field, both of them have over 12 years of experience in the fashion Field. Both pillars of the Sunflower creation managed to produce designs that are unique, fashionable & at the same time never out of trend.